The wearable POS of the future

More and more transactions nowadays happen digitally thanks to the ease of use of cards and the availability of new ways of payments in the forms of smartphoens and wearables. To bring notes and coins in becoming increasingly less necessary. However, POS (Points-Of-Sales) devices are not ubiquitous becouse of their chunky dimensions and expensive costs. Think of all the times during festivals, games and fairs You needed cash to pay instead using your cards, Pay Band is aimed specifically at those situations. Fast, easy and safe payments in every situation and at a cheap price, thanks to the cloud. 

Product Features


POS have never been attractive devices, Pay Band is instead sleek, colourfu,l and elegant. Perfect for every business.


The device uses your computer or the cloud to complete the transaction, so Pay Band does not need beefy processors and batteires to run.


Simple lines and just the necessary buttons for a simpole and futuristic experience. Even the charger is beautiful thanks to inductive technolgy, and its not intrusive look.


Less is more! By focusing on payments on the cloud and buzzer functionalities, Pay Band is optimised for simple and long lasting operations.


The included software lets You manage all of your devices and your business the way YOU want, not someone else.
Want to showcase more your brand? Request an array of customised Pay Band devices to match  your style with elegance.


The built-in camera does most of the job by scanning the product and showing the right price. You literallly have to just turn it on, point it at the product and let the customer pay

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